The Prisons Inside The Self And The Challenging Path To Enlightenment

aspirations of a good life, good family, good job and something to show after it’s all said and done. Largely this construction of a life is presented as being attainable if the choices, which are uniquely ours as humans, are made within the confines of the regulatory apparatuses of control. However the reality of the world we live today consists of a paradoxical affair that consists of a divide and schism between the illusion presented and the lived reality.

Via the operations of these apparatuses of control, those who dare to be different or are simply different by way of appearance or gender etc – immediately begin to feel the stigma associated with the label of ‘the other’. Consequently this ‘otherness’ is taken up by the mind and is reproduced within the self – to eventually evolve into low self-esteem, low self-expectations and self-fulfilling prophecies which become so intertwined within the self that the divide between you and it are now blurred. The prison of such for most is a life sentence behind walls of doubt, isolation and hurt, from which most never escape.

This however is not the only prison from which we as a species are faced – notwithstanding the social-cultural stigma of the other – inside most family dynamics (for those who still have one left) most would be well aware of the angst of coming to terms with deep-seated family tradition. In all honesty if lessons given are based in truth then those coming behind need only to follow the well-worn path of those ahead. However if your guidance has been base