The Pros and Cons of Ready Made Frames Vs. Custom Picture Frames

A ready made picture frame is just that- a frame that is ready to be used right out of the box. Manufacturers of ready made picture frames assemble and package them so all you need to do is open the box, insert your picture and it’s ready to be displayed.

Ready made frames usually come in standard sizes. You can find ready made frames for pictures, standard sized art work, small keepsakes or documents, like diplomas. Ready made picture frames come completely assembled in the box. They include glass, backing and some hardware for either hanging on a wall or for displaying on a table. Not all ready made frames include an easel back stand or frame hardware for hanging. Ask your frame retailer to make sure you have everything you need to display your framed picture.

There are many different frame retailers that offer ready made frames online and in stores. With so much available you should be able to find exactly what you want.

Custom picture frames, on the other hand, give you more options than ready made frames. Custom frames are measured, cut and assembled specifically for you. If your framed item is not a standard size, or if you need a unique depth or dimension for your artwork or keepsakes, a custom frame is the answer. With a custom picture frame, you can select the protective surface you want such as glass, acrylic, UV glass or UV acrylic and you can even choose a unique shape like a flat pane, convex or dome shaped covering.

Custom picture frames let you create a unique look and choose the style of the frame, color, size, picture frame mats and the layout of your picture. Some customer framers refer to these as “ready made frames,” because they are cut to a specific size, but this process really is a custom made frame as they’re hand assembled.