There is No Secret to Health, Fitness and Weight Loss Success

You know very well you need to get going and get some exercise into your life to help you meet your health and fitness goals but do you sometimes find reasons or excuses why you shouldn’t do it?

“But I get so tired”. The reason you get tired is because your fitness level is low. With a proper exercise program it won’t take long for you to increase this thereby giving you more energy throughout the day. As your strength, stamina and endurance increase you will find you can get more done each day and can pack so much more of the things you enjoy into your life.

“I would like to lose weight first.” Doing any kind of extra physical activity uses additional calories and increases your metabolism which is the rate your body burns fuel. This will give you a better fat burning body and will get you on the way to your fat loss goals a lot quicker than being inactive.

“I’m so out of shape and overweight ” Everyone has to start somewhere – so start where you are now! There really is no way you can achieve instant weight loss or an improved fitness level. If you get started now and each week increase your activity level just a little, in just a few months from now you will be leaner, stronger, slimmer, more energetic, and healthier. This is a far better option that not getting started and staying the same or even worse being in worse shape than you are today.

“I was doing really well until I got sick (o