Three Great Reasons Why You Should Invest In The 2011 Chinese Gold Panda Coin

The arrival of the 2011 Chinese Gold Panda coin marks the 29th different design in the series of this lovely gold coin. First introduced in 1982, this limited edition.999 gold bullion coin soon became one of the most popular gold coins.

I purchased my very first 1 oz. gold Panda in 2002 and paid $335.00 for the coin. This particular date had a mintage of just 28,345 and is currently selling for $1,680 (BU condition) on one of the popular gold retail websites that I checked. Nice, huh? Some of the earlier dated, low mintage Pandas from the 1990’s are currently commanding huge premiums and are difficult, if not impossible, to find!

I love this particular gold coin for the simple fact that every year and new design is released, featuring a different image of a cute, fuzzy little panda bear on the reverse side of the coin. The gold panda is the only gold bullion coin that has this distinction.

The 2011 version of this coin features the traditional Hall of Prayer for Abundant Harvests in the Temple of Heaven on the obverse side. The reverse side, this year, showcases a cute image of a mother panda and her baby.

Aside from the uniqueness factor, here are 3 reasons why I think investing in the 2011 Chinese Gold Panda coin is a smart move, from an investment standpoint:

1. Gold pandas are popular with collectors. Gold demand is up big time in China and demand for this coin is high from collectors who are looking to add to, complete, or start their collection. That bodes well for future appreciation!

2. While the mintages of the silver version of this coin will be increased quite dramatically in 2011, the gold version mintage will stay the same at 300,000. Another factor that will increase the appreciation of these coins.

3. The price of gold expected to increase further in 2011. And I believe that the collectability factor of this coin will cause it to see appreciation above and beyond that of other modern gold bullion coins.