Tips to Getting a Life Experience Degree

learned from textbooks and lectures.

What Is Life Experience?

For working adults who have the ambition to go back to school, there is good news: You do not have to start right from the beginning! This is when life experience comes in. The foundation of life experience degrees is what you have done in your life which is somehow related to a particular degree program. Getting a life experience degree is equivalent to saying that you did not attend formal classes in the field, but you have in-the-field training, which means and makes up for what you would have learned from textbooks and lectures. Most life experience is achieved in work environments as you endeavor to move up the ladder in a particular area of your career. There are times when a person tends to hit a ceiling in his or her career where the higher authorities would not promote him or her any more, simply because they do not have a degree. The organization for which you work would then start promoting people from below you for the positions you want merely because the candidate that has been promoted has a degree.

How To Earn A Life Experience Degree?