Understanding Business Trends Can Lead to Quality Acquisitions

Pursuing quality companies to purchase is very competitive.
Whether you are a once-in-a-lifetime business buyer or a
seasoned business buyer, you are ultimately trying to find a
viable company to purchase that has little or no purchase
competition. Although having many purchase suitors is great for
the business seller, it can result in many unnecessary hassles
for the potential business buyers.

Responding to published business-for-sale listings and
contacting merger and acquisition intermediaries can be
somewhat fruitful for the proactive business buyer. However,
the proven belief among merger and acquisition industry leaders
is that the most viable acquisition candidates are typically,
at least “officially”, not for sale.

Because a company is not for sale does not mean it cannot be
bought. There can be many valid reasons why a business owner
chooses not to put his company up for sale, least of which is
it takes a lot of time, company resources and extraordinary
effort to strategically position a company to garner the
highest purchase price possible. This is not unlike the work
required to get your house ready to sell, it’s a work intensive
commitment and you must have a compelling reason to make the
decision to sell.

Sometimes You Got to “Get Creative” to Find Companies to Buy

Besides clearly understanding and committing to your critical
business purchase criteria, a savvy business buyer needs to