Wedding Reception Song List: Wedding Song Lists

Your reception is a party and the grand entrance is the first chance you get to express the vibe you want your wedding reception to be. The grand entrance can either be high energy or low key. For ideas on the wedding reception song list for the grand entrance songs,Guest Posting ask yourself:

Do I want this to be humorous?

Do I want to express any inside jokes?

What special song will signify my transition into a marriage?

What type of energy do I want my grand entrance to entail?

Do I want the grand entrance to be romantic, high energy, or low key?

You can pick any type of song for the grand entrance!


Your entertainment will generally have a wedding song list for the cake cutting songs. This is formal tradition at wedding receptions and signifies good luck to the bride and groom for every guest that has a piece of cake. Find out before hand if you will make this a nice or messy tradition. If it is messy, please make sure your photographer captures nice pictures before you shove the cake, because you will not get the chance to do this again.


The bridal dance song you choose is very important, because it is your first dance in public as husband and wife. Any DJ company that you hire will have tasteful suggestions, but I strongly recommend that you DO NOT pick songs from any wedding song li