or some time now,WHAT IS RADIATION THERAPY? - USING MINDFULNESS AS A TOOL TO GET THROUGH THE CANCER EXPERIENCE. Articles one of the most dangerous ailments to deal with as a human has remained cancer. It has proven to be the most malignant disease ever. It is also the most challenging disease to endure in a lifetime. Cancer is never a good diagnosis. Therefore, it has to be specially monitored and followed up. Fortunately, medicine has improved drastically. Today, medicine has made it possible to live with cancer. It is no longer a death sentence for many. The good news is most cancers are now endurable and treatable.

The fact is that not everyone diagnosed with cancer will survive. It depends on the type and stage of the cancer. If it’s still benign, it is easy to manage and treatable. You must understand that the survival rate for each individual is different. The survival rate depends on the stage of cancer, type of cancer, body’s response to treatment, etc.

Doctors employ different techniques to predict the survival rate for the different types of cancer. However, it is not certain as people react differently to a treatment. Also, there is no permanent cure for cancer but there are procedures to alleviate it. One of them is . Read on to learn more about this therapy.




Cancer is a disease in which abnormal body cells grow and divide rapidly spreading through the other parts of the body. In most cases, it is asymptomatic revealing no symptoms. It is the alteration in the DNA of genes responsible for cellular development and division.

Radiation Therapy is also known as Radiotherapy. This is a clinical procedure that uses high-dose radiation to halt the division and growth of cells. It is a procedure used in the hospital. Radiation therapy kills or delays the growth of cells responsible for cancer. It does this by damaging the DNA of abnormal cells.

There are two types of radiation therapy: External beam and Internal radiation. The usage of any depends on the type of cancer. External beam radiation-therapy is the most common type used to treat most cancers.


The essence of radiation therapy is to eliminate cancer and halt abnormal cell division. However, it takes weeks or months to know if the cancerous cells are destroyed. Radiation therapy is the most convenient and effective way of treating cancer. Radiation therapy destroys the DNA of the abnormal cells terminating their growth and division through the body. By eliminating the DNA, the cancerous cells stop dividing and completely die off. However, there are side effects of radiation therapy. It destroys healthy cells, causes general fatigue, mouth sores, and throat irritation. Radiation therapy is the most expensive. Your optimism will help you a lot in your journey to eliminating cancer.  It is important to visit the doctor if there is a reported history of cancer in the family. The time factor is also an essential factor. It prevents it from advancing to its malignant state!