Where do Beginners go?

“Where do we go to sell our photos?”

All an amateur photographer or beginner needs to do is shoot a photo that will catch the eye of anyone that may come across it. Your photo is your product and everybody wants a good product. Buy how to reach the market?

This is the question of every amateur who wants to enter the market. These photographers find it difficult to publish their photos and search for various ways of publishing their photos.

One way of doing so is by going online and selling their photos. There are various Stock Photography and Micro Stock Photography Sites who welcome such photographers to sell their images.


Stock Photography and Micro Stock Photography do have certain standard of selecting photos. They do not accept anything and everything. But the best concept of Stock Photography and Micro Stock Photography is that there is no particular subject on selecting the photos.

All photographers feel that they got the best photo. That also does happen. But submitting them raw doesn’t work. They need to be retouched and key worded to have the perfect image. A photograph without Retouching and Key wording will not be accepted by Stock Photography and Micro Stock Photography Agencies.

Buyers find photos on Stock Photography and Micro Stock Photography with the help of keywords that they are looking in a photo. Your photo will only appear if your photos are properly key worded. Also,Where do Beginners go? Articles if key wording is done and photo does not look appealing, the buyer will