Why Fantasy Myst Online – Uru Live Will Be Reborn

You may not have heard of Myst Online: Uru Live. This would be no surprise, as when this brilliant fantasy/adventure premiered on Gametap, it was poorly advertised, and what advertising it did receive was targeted at the wrong demographics.


The game is the culmination of the evolution of the “Myst” series, a real-time 3d adventure MMO unlike anything else on the market. For a closer look at Uru, go to mystonline.com, urucontinues.com, uruobsession.com, or any other Uru fansite.

The game has top-notch visual design, excellent sound design and music, is highly immersive, with a great depth of history and story. The largely puzzle and exploration-centered game design has its detractors, but these combined with minigames and a highly effective social networking system make for an outstanding overall experience.

The game has become something of a cult classic, with a devoted fan community that is as unusual as the game itself. According to studies of the fanbase (which I have conducted myself) I would conclude that it is about 40% female, and that the majority of the fans are over 23 years old, unusual in an industry dominated by teenage males. The fanbase is highly intelligent and creative, and generally pacifistic and cooperative in nature, also a rarity in an MMO field dominated by games based upon competition and violence. Uru appeals to a lot of people who normally don’t play video games.