Wolfgang’s Custom Guitars For the Custom Guitar Collector

The Wolfgang’s custom guitars shop was first located in the then legendary Leakesville facility and later was moved further north to the company’s main plant at Meridian,Guest Posting Mississippi. People who buy custom electric guitars are not your ordinary kind of collector or guitar fan. And the buyers of the Peavey Wolfgang’s custom guitars were no different.



Due to the fact that the entire custom electric guitar shop was basically comprised of only four master craftsmen even at the height of the production only a one Wolfgang custom guitar was made per work day.

Because of this methodical method of production only 450 or so custom orders were completed by the Wolfgang’s custom guitar shop from 2002 to 2004. These custom electric guitars still considered to be a highly prized item by the more sophisticated EVH fans and guitar collectors.

These custom electric guitars all started off with the basic configuration features as on a standard, standard deluxe or special and special deluxe Wolfgang but could be ordered such changes to the wood of the solid body, the top panel, woods and inlays on the fretboard along with the type of bridge, color of the mounted hardware, and coordinated tops and headstock picked out in your choice of color or graphics.

The solid body of a Wolfgang’s custom guitar could come in not only the standard basswood body construction and a signature offset cutaway design, but customer could also order the custom electric guitars with alder (known for it superior tonal qualities since the 1950’s) along the bright and sweet resonate of ash or the darker tones of mahogany. You could also special request a Koa body although it was not a standard option.