World Cuisine – Best Food in the World by Country

Food is a global phenomenon. It builds bridges and fills gaps between cultures but in some bizarre cases it even leads to wars. History has lived through many wars where food has been the bone of contention. It may sound stupid but it’s true.

The famous ‘Pig War’ of 1859 between the British and American forces stationed at the San Juan islands is a befitting example. It might have been this very reason why Neil Gaiman gave the famous quote in Good Omens,Guest Posting “Civilisation is two meals and 24-hours away from barbarism.” Whatever be the history revolving around food, a piping hot bowl of the humble soup will always be comforting to the soul.

In terms of cuisine and savoury dishes there are many places to discover and devour around the world.

The top three cities of the world to experience food are Paris, Singapore and London. Here’s why:


Paris, the City of Lights is the enchanting capital of France. The history of the French cuisine is rooted in medieval times. From the onset of the French revolution to the time when the aristocrats fled France, the culinary arena of France grew from the peasant way of living to fine dining.

It was Auguste Escoffier who gave French haute cuisine its definite structure